Best Fashion Week Trend: Okay maybe not.

Nope, I’m not talking makeup. I’m talking about the fact that the majority of the models walking the runway at fashion week were not stick thin. Well, okay, yes they were skinny, but not to the point of gasp inducing horror as in previous seasons. To this I say a welcome, “it’s about time!!”

But what’s not so good?

The super skinny trend, for male models.


Touted as the next chic thing over at COACD Blog, I have to wonder….


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3 thoughts on “Best Fashion Week Trend: Okay maybe not.

  1. I think it’s extremely unfair to say that there is a ‘super skinny trend’. Like the male in the picture, I am of similar build and have similar body shape, but by no means do I intend to look like that. I am currently trying to put on weight, but naturally find it extremely difficult due to my metabolic rate and my natural body shape. I am sure there are many other males like me who have the same problem. So for you to label us as a ‘super skinny trend’ is extremely unfair and I think very offensive. I think it would be fair to see some sort of apology, or some sort of statement to recognise that there are many people who naturally look like that not because they choose to.

  2. Did you write the same comment over at COACD’s blog that originally wrote about this as well? And sorry, but I don’t think my stating it’s a ‘trend’ is at all offensive. Twiggy’s thin state was a trend, the curvy models of the 1990’s was a trend and the next body type that the fashion world wants to publicize next will be a trend. It’s all a hype to create attention and make money. And sorry, but the fact that super thin models are a trend is a fact that the industry should be ashamed of but they haven’t figured that out yet. THAT’s what my post was meant to reflect on. I’m still waiting on the trend where healthy people are a trend. Your body type is yours and mine is mine… didn’t mean to offend, and you should be happy that your body type is now ‘in’. But hate to break it to you, but yep. It’s a trend….and yes, the fashion industry should apologize to you.

  3. i dont think i like this skinny trend for males, they look like a post of a bamboo more, i like seeing models with strong arms and body…they look awesome and definitely good.

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