Fashion Week goodies

Fashion week isn’t all about the fashion you know. Nope. It’s about catching up with people, meeting new ones and enjoying the fun stuff amongst the madness….

As I look back on Fashion Week (and I still can’t believe it’s already over), I have to say, it’ll be a week I won’t soon forget.

A recap, shall we?

January 30th

Shoot all day a cool beauty story for a london magazine, get home late, pack. Swear and hope and plead with self that I didn’t forget anything.

January 31st

Fly to New York. Relax with JetBlue’s tv and a chocolate chip cookie.. (ok, a few…) Meet super exec producer sitting next to me who is actually flying to fashion week to film a documentary about, you guessed it, fashion week. After realizing that her ride was going to be a no show, we share a car into town.

Feb 1st

The Beauty Ideal February Issue launched…. whew, in the nick of time… up till 2am the night before after I flew in, making sure everything is all ready…

Invited by and Aveda to a wonderful dinner at Koi Restaurant, right across the street from Bryant Park. Get the chance to catch up with Christine of eBeautyDaily (as hysterical in person as she is in her IM’s..) newest member Daneen of Spoiled Pretty, ‘aw hell no’ Julia of All About The Pretty, the elegant Teri of Beautiful Makeup Search, and yes, we finally meet Jennifer of Delush. After hours of chat, food and wine, get home at 3am.

Feb 2nd

Am chained to the computer making sure our beauty bloggers are scheduled, set and ready to go. A few last minute changes create insanity.

Get nails done by invitation of
Dashing Diva, thanks to the wonderful Sam of Dark PR. How did she know this was sorely needed? And I swear, those nails are still ON. Looking for a nail polish that just won’t quit? Yep, Dashing Diva lasted a good 7 days on my nails without a single chip, knick or crack. God bless them. Note to self: come back on friday nights when they do the rumored “cosmo with a mani/pedi” event.. I’m sooo there. I got a gorgeous pearly champagne color to go with my diamond bracelet I was going to wear later that night with my vintage 1940’s outfit to…..

……the MAC Dinner at Indochine.

I have to say a huge thank you to Heather, who master-mined (ok, she let me talk her into it.. 😉 ) the idea to bring our beauty bloggers to fashion week. I can only imagine the chaos, craziness and scheduling she had to pull to get us backstage to bring you the beauty news. Here’s hoping she forgets how insane we made her and that we get invited next season!

Feb 3rd

Go through a gazillion PR and fashion event invites. Try to juggle what I can and can’t get to… rush off to a brunch with
Splendicity founder Teri (yes I was invited! I did not crash their event..hehe) at the wonderful SaraBeth’s restaurant, known for their lemon pancakes…. yum yum yum. The freezing cold day outside was bearable after coffee and my lux omelet….

Go home with gi-normous goodie bag so much that I have to take a cab home to carry it home.

Feb 4th

Go through more PR invites and get the beauty trends noted for own blog…. oh yeah, I gotta write my blog….

Feb 5th

Check out the Liz McClean fashion show gallery… meet up with my #1 fav makeup assistant, Lindsay, Marina of Makeup Loves Me, Elisa of NYSpender… ponder the idea of this new type of fashion show/photo exhibit….

Then dash off with Erin and Lindsay to the magazine launch / slash / fashion show at the QT Hotel midtown. Realize that organization is key as they have none. Get in to wait for hours for nothing… Meet the adorable assistant and PR for Jolie in NYC. Walk out and dash across the street for food. Horrible service so much so (as in NONE) that we walked out to their amazement… only to get home starving… and look in my goodie bag to find so much stuff that it almost makes up for the weird evening.

Feb 6th

Finish writing about the previous beauty trends seen…am I done yet? Another 8am – 2am day.

Feb 7th

Rush off to meet super head honcho pr contact at super cool makeup line to discuss The Beauty Blog Network and Fashion Week and blogging and how we can join forces for upcoming events…

Feb 8th

Realize that this is the last day of fashion week but it’s not over yet. Wrap up the last fashion show beauty trends, field frantic last minute emails and phone calls from our backstage reporters and realize, that yes, this is almost over.

Realize that more PR news and events are coming in and that next week will be full of appointments with PR connections and beauty companies that want to know more about our network…. plus a few photo shoots and eyebrow appointments as well..


Can’t wait for next season!