I recently got from the fab MAC Cosmetics pr ladies, their latest in their skin care collection, MoistureLush. Now to be honest, I’ve actually never, (as in never ever) have used any of their skin care before.


Their MoistureLush (great name isn’t it?) Cream gives a super hydrating treatment to the skin while giving the skin a silky feel. Upon application, I noticed that the cream goes on quite cold (at first thought it was because it’s a cold day outside? But no, this happens with every application) with my fine and sensitive skin, I was worried about. But no after effects, or skin reactions to the cold. This cream glides on and feels really great once on. And it leaves a somewhat primer like feel to the skin, but not as much. A very silky feel. I applied makeup over and it went on great. I also used this on a photo shoot (with no primer and foundation just glided on…. it also kept makeup on great throughout the shoot, no creasing or touch ups were needed hardly at all (and this was a 8 hour shoot, granted that the model had nearly impossibly perfect skin as well…) My pretty normal skin (it’s not too dry, it’s not oily but I do have to worry about possible breakouts with blackheads and whiteheads if I get something mineral oil heavy which my skin just does not like..) seemed to really like this. The only wish factor is the intense cold of it as you put it on. My skin (and me) just does not like cold.


Next was the MoistureLush Eye Cream. Loved. Went right into the skin (and here a slight cold factor in the feel, but not nearly as much as the facial cream) and the best part was the next morning, I didn’t get any puffy eyes syndrome the next day… Skin looked great.

All in all, I’m really happy with this, but as much as I’d like to keep, this one is going in my pro makeup kit… it provided such a great surface for foundation that I’ll plan to keep using it in my photo shoots…


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