When I travel….

I got asked in this really cute email from a reader of my blog about what do I do when I travel… because it’s just so gosh darn much.. Yep. About every month, I’m on a plane twice.. to NY and then back to LA..And the next month start all over again. Sometimes I can spread out my days a bit longer based on photo shoots, salon schedules, holidays and such… But I’m at the point now where I’m realizing that that day on the plane (or travel day as I call it) is about the only day off I have all month.


The week leading up to it is super stressful for me though.. (check bank account, get mail, stop mail, pack, double pack, bring this thing to NY, no wait, I have this already in NY… and so forth..) Most stressful moment was being in LA and forgetting my keys to NY after I had already drove away. A 2 hour drive later in traffic, I was able to get them from my apartment in LA and get to my plane on time. (whew!)

So my routine?

Pack… and keep a list of what’s needed in what state…. seriously. Bring this, buy that, keep this, pack that.

Throw all makeup/beauty related items in check on baggage and don’t even ATTEMPT to take on the plane.. please. With their limits and ounces and how much you can and can’t take? I’m so over it. And after a few fav lip glosses getting snagged by security before the zip lock baggie, and ounce / size / limit thing, now I just pack it.

Take computer and portfolio on the plane with me because if either of those things get missing in baggage, I’m sooo dead. As in my life would be truly O V E R.

Buy coffee and magazine at airport. Read. Relax. Realize that this is about the first time I’ve had a chance to actually READ a magazine all month.

Board plane. Forget again super cool earphones to watch JetBlue TV with.. darn. Use super geeky badly sounding Jetblue ones instead.

Walk in front door.

Read all email and blogs in the Beauty Blog Network to catch up.

Take the rest of the day off.

Take bubble bath.

Order a veggie pizza and watch every single show that I’ve managed to tape on TiVo while I’ve been gone..(yep, cable only in LA… )


tomorrow’s another crazy day…..

I get asked all the time which state do I like better, NY or LA. And why don’t I just move to NY? As much as I would love to move to NY, it’s just plain exhausting. The constant weather drama (what’s the weather TODAY? No, make it this HOUR), the rain, wind, snow, thunderstorms, heat waves, humidity…. it’s just so much of everyday life, it’s exhausting. Plus walking.. everywhere. Every day. Walk, walk walk. But my professional life is in NY, it happens in NY and it’s where I do the best work with the best people… things just get done in NY.

But LA has my heart. My family is here. My mom and my dad…. and I just can’t stay away too long. They’re in their 80’s and I just need every chance I can get with them, you know? Plus the weather… LA sure beats NY hands down.. because there’s no weather drama. It just is. And heavens if it rains one day. Everyone complains and I just laugh and am grateful that I don’t have to WALK in it. And I can relax. And breathe. Because I know next month, it’s back in NY again.

They truly balance each other out. And it balances me out… which I so need…

Yes, life is good and crazy and exactly the way I want it. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Oh and by the way? I’m on a plane today…