Lipstick Trick

200805082137 has some great tricks on how to get your lipstick to stay on @…
2 Lipstick Tips: How to Make Lipstick Stay & How to Blend
and here……

Here is another one:

1. Primer isn’t just for the face you know.

Try your fav facial primer on your lips first. For the best results, avoid the slippery silicone primers (like the beloved Smashbox Photo Finish) as this won’t grab lipstick as well as say a cream, or eyeshadow primer. Best bet? Try Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

or Amazing Cosmetic’s Eyeshadow Primer.

The cream consistency gives a better hold for lipstick to hold onto and also gives the added bonus of canceling out a dark lip color so that your lipstick goes on the actual color you see. But remember, only a dab will do. Too much and it’ll mix with the lipstick and create a globby mess. Think a film of on your lips and you’ll do fine.