PRODUCT REVIEW: Gillette Venus

Do we really need another razor on the market? I mean really. Super strip that, moisturizing this, a million blades on this one, super technology on that one. I mean, a razor’s a razor right?



Enter the Rolls Royce of Razors. The Gillette Venus Embrace. The mother of all razors. This super thick, wide, extra blades (try 5) WITH a “ribbon of moisture” seems a bit much when you first look at it. I mean, this thing isn’t a razor.

It’s a gadget.

Picture 2

And while the extra large head makes the thing look huge, I dare you to shave with it. I double dare you. Why? Because you’re really going to thank me.

First of all, I’m not a fan of shaving. Don’t get me wrong and yes I do shave, but I cut, nick, and razor burn myself all the time. I mean EVERY time. And one time is just one too many. So I start (and this is WITHOUT any shaving cream mind you) and the funny thing is that this razor doesn’t feel like a razor at all. You feel the large square top gliding across your skin, but no blades. It actually feels like you’re using a tool, rather than a razor to shave. And the wide head means you get done quicker. Really you do. Skin feels super soft afterwards, no chafing, or cuts or burns. Nothing. My skin feels amazing and I’ll chalk that up to the 5 blades getting a super close, and I mean super close shave.

Only wishlist on this one? Make a smaller version of this to get in the, um, smaller spots like maybe bikini area? The razor does feel a bit chunky trying to maneuver there but still, does the job great without any cuts or nicks. And the little plastic thing to stick onto your shower so you can anchor your razor on your shower wall didn’t work for me. (It 1. didn’t stick and 2. the razor kept falling out….) Even so, these two items are minor to me.

Is it possible to fall in love with a razor? I think I just did.

Gillette Venus Embrace.