Spring Makeup Trend: The Dark Eye

Spring Makeup Trend: The Dark Eye: “

Spring Makeup Trend #4: The Dark Eye

Shown: Malo

One of the major changes in eye makeup we’re seeing is a really strong eye.
Not smoky, not blended, but a strong, almost a hard eye. What’s needed?

A black eye pencil.

Delux Beauty Eye Pencil Nilla Black

Laura Mercier Eye Pencil Black Extreme

A black mascara

BECCA Water Proof Mascara Black

Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Lash Mascara

Global Goddess Exotic Eyes Lash Building Mascara Blackest Black

A modern way to do this look, is almost no color on the lips and cheeks, and just dark around the eyes. But I know, you’ll look at it and think, ‘I’m looking like death.’

You can make this look more wearable by picking a super nude rosy brown lip. Either gloss (*old school) or a matte or cream (*new school) lip. That’s it. Pretty.

Bourjois Effet 3D High Shine Lip Gloss Beige Elastic 1

Bourjois Voluminzing Lipstick Beige Rose 18

Trick? Do your makeup and do your lips first. If you feel polished, then you have enough and THEN do the black mascara/eye pencil. You’ll find yourself doing a more balanced job.

What’s even prettier and makes the look more wearable? Skip the blush and add a shimmering highlighter cream on the cheekbones.

Diane von Furstenberg Beauty Highlighting Eclipstick Moon

Smashbox Soft Lights Highlight

Either a cream or a powder is fine. But it will brighten up your face and bring a nice balance.

Okay, so you have your lips and highligher on. Now. The black eyes.

Take your black eye pencil. And lightly rim around the lashes, both top and bottom. The one thing most do wrong is that they apply a super thick line around the lashes and then run into trouble. It doesn’t blend, or it bleeds too much, it smears, etc.

Take it slow. Rim a thin line. Now take your eyeliner brush. Not the thin angle one. That’s for eyebrows. No, the little stiff, almost looks like a lip brush.

Fresh Wet/Dry Eyeliner Brush 15

Like this one. THAT’s what you use to blend your eye pencil. This brush keeps the line in place and just blends it out slightly. That’s what you need for this look. Now, after you’ve blended, take a light dusting of loose powder and now go over your whole face. Now, apply again, another line of eye pencil, and blend again. There you go. A super dark line around the eye that stays sharp. The light dusting of powder will do enough to set, but if you are going out, candlelight dinner, a long night, you may want to set it to make sure. Take your loose powder (NOT your black eye shadow… you’ll end up with black sprinkles all over your beautiful makeup job) and then brush over your pencil with the eye liner brush dipped lightly in loose powder. Make sure you shake off any excess before. That will do the trick. And if you can, don’t blow on the brush to take off excess. A very bad habit to get into and you can be blowing germs onto the brush which you are now brushing around your eye. Never, never never blow on your brushes.. Okay, I’m done pointing my finger at you….

Keep the eyelids clean. No shadow needed here.
Next, that black mascara. Now is the time to really play it up. Pile it on. My fav trick, take two of your fav mascaras and then do 1 or 2 coats of each. First one, then the other. Perfect mega lashes. Mascara not doing it for you? Take a touch of loose powder on your little finger and lightly tap onto your lashes. Make sure you don’t get any in your eyes. Then do another coat of mascara. Super duper thick lashes now….

The Dark Eye, the modern way. So chic no?

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