Spring Makeup Trend: The Red Lip

Spring Makeup Trend: The Red Lip: “

Spring/Summer Makeup Trend #2: The Red Lip

Top Row: Betsey Johnson, Monique Lhuillier,
Bottom Row: Lacoste, Tuleh

It looks like the red lip is here to stay a while. Think classic, modern, fun, easy. Nope, this is not your super perfect matte red mouth from the 90’s. Now, it’s softer, sheerer, and just pick a red. Any red. From blue reds to cherry reds, to pinky reds.. they’re all IN.

The key is color, application, and upkeep. Yep. That red lip takes a lot of work to keep it up.


First off, avoid that red lip pencil first thing. You really don’t need it and you’ll avoid the dreaded red line around the mouth thing that’s going to eventually happen. Instead, get a soft light brown eye pencil. Even better? A soft beige eyebrow pencil. Just the color that would match the same tone of your natural lip line.. THAT’s the lip liner you want.

Then, the red color.
There are soo many.
Which one do you get? Color swatching is crucial here. Too blue? Too raspberry? Too coral? Color swatching will help you narrow down to the right color.

How to pick?
Key: If you have a color in your skin you don’t like, don’t match it in your lipstick.
Case in point:
Pinky skin? Avoid the raspberry red.
Blue under eye circles? Avoid the blue-red lipstick.
Have a ton of too much yellow in your skin? Avoid the coral red.
Have a lot of freckles? Avoid the brownie red.

See where I’m going with this?

Because a few hours later, it never fails, You’ll look tired, and wonder why. It’s not you. It’s your lipstick.

The best red is a soft sheer almost pure candy cane red… The sheerness of it cuts down the blue tones so it works for most skin tones….

Or do what I do: Grab a palette of reds and the ones that don’t work, use as ‘cream’ blush on your cheeks.

Make Up For Ever 5 Lipstick Palette – Cherry Red Harmony – No. 2 Cherry Red Harmony – No. 2


Now how to get that sheer red? Apply the red lipstick with your pinkie, and dab on your lip… don’t worry about the line yet. Just apply to get that china doll little lip going. Then press with kleenex over. Just soften it down. You can do a dusting of loose powder to set over if you want, but you really don’t need it… Next? Take a clear lip balm.. make sure it has noo color in it. Like:

Bliss Breath-Freshening Lip Balm Mint

or of course my all time fav Rosebud Salve (in the shiny clear, not the strawberry one, which can make colors look cloudy..)

Rosebud Perfume Co. Rosebud Salve .8 oz

Then just tap tap tap on top of your red lip stain. The goal is to go for a sheen, not a shine or a super shiny gloss. Nope, super glossy lips are out. Just the center of the lip, top and bottom. Think pretty sheen. There you go. The perfect spring/summer red lip.

Now remember that beige eye brow pencil I made you go out and get? Well, let’s just say it’s optional here. If you want a fresh, young mouth, then you’re done.

Want more of a polished, put together, going to a business meeting, hot date, kinda vibe? Then take your beige lip pencil and AFTER the lip balm is done, lightly apply and trace your red color and sheen up to your lip line. Almost like taking a water color brush and creating a line with your watercolor.. after it’s on. See? You’ve made a perfect lip line, no offending dark pencil involved and much easier to do and touch up. The beige color shouldn’t even be showing up. If it does, you got one that’s too dark for you.


BECCA Portable Lip Brush 20 Lip Brush

My fav trick? Get a portable lip brush that you can cap and throw in your purse. When you’re done applying your perfect red mouth, just take a few more swipes across the lip color and then cap your lip brush. Throw in your purse. Touch ups will be so much quicker and easier.

What’s the right lip brush? Well, don’t get a pointed one. It’s my biggest pet peeve in brush land.

LOLA Cosmetics Pointed Lip Brush

Why? It just doesn’t work. The point is too pointy, and it’s too hard to control. But it you have one, don’t throw it away. It’s perfect for cleaning up any little lipstick mistakes. Just take a touch of foundation and erase over your lipstick.. or redraw your lip line with this brush in foundation and you’ll get a perfect line….

What’s the right lip brush? Well, I don’t even USE a lip brush when I do shoots. Let’s just say it’s one of my secrets. (sshhh!) But try to find a lip brush that’s a bit more rounded on the edge.

Sephora Lip Brush

See? You’ll have a much easier time applying and getting a perfect line. Trust me.


Aww, here’s the part that’s tricky. Especially with the color red. Easy. Make sure you take along some kleenex with you in your purse. You’re going to need it. Need to touch up? Just press off whatever you may have left on the kleenex. Then do the tap tap tap on the red color, press, then the tap tap tap the lip sheen on top. Done. You should have enough of a stain left over that you don’t need to do any more. You’re done. See? Easy!

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