PRODUCT REVIEW: Olay 14 Day Skin INtervention

Gosh I love little compact daily tubes of stuff. I mean, it just reminds one of childhood.. a tablet a day. A little piece of chocolate per day. A single dose size of anti-aging skin stuff a day. I mean, how much easier can it get?

Olay Regenerist 14 Day Skin Intervention


Gosh yes, I need an intervention. Of any kind really. Just save me will ya? I’m not even sure from what, but I’m sure appreciative of the effort! So when these little 14 small skincare tubes from Olay came in the mail, I just got all giggly and excited and stuff. Because it’s just so gosh darn fun!

Just 14 days?
Why I can do that.

A treatment that will ‘penetrate the skin’s surface for reinvigorated lifted look” in just 14 days?
I’m so there.

Two formulated phases for me to get into?
Count me in.

I present to you, my intervention.

Phase 1.
Days 1-7
“Specifically formulated to ignite the cellular regeneration within skin’s surface, infusing the skin with repariing moisture and an Olay peptide-B3 complex.”

Phase 2
Days 8-14
“Contains a high concentration of an Olay peptide-B3 complex. Wrinkles are filled with polishing micro-powders and hydrating moisture improves the skin’s barrier structure as you experience a lifted look to your skin.”

Wow. Sounds so all official and everything doesn’t it.

So I’m off, to a 14 day experience, which is only $24.99, had I bought it, but instead got via a PR person who probably felt I needed an intervention of a skin kind. I agree.

To Use:
Twist open the tube and apply to entire cleansed first face and neck. Avoid the eye area. (Huh?) Use in place of your current night time moisturizer. Can be used as a program every 3 months.

Day (or shall i say Night?) 1:
Apply this somewhat thick, paste like gel to my skin. Goes right into skin though it does feel a touch ‘filmed’ afterwards. Nothing greasy, or slick. Not oily at all. But note that my skin (sensitive, slightly combo) just loves the feel of product on my skin. Oils, my skin just ‘awwwwssss’ upon application. Slick primer? My skin is in heaven. After a few, the filmed feel does go away and skin feels just smooth, but not ‘hydrated’. It actually feels the same after I washed it….hmmm, my skin is kinda wanting something ‘more’….. must fight the urge… must fight….

Day 3:
Oh oh. But do I see the start of a zit? No, make that two, forming near my jaw line. awwww just great. And on a place I hardly ever break out on.

Day 4:
Yep, two zits.

Day 7:
Last day of the Part I series… and I have to admit, the somewhat slick, gel like feel to the application is starting to get to me… as in, I don’t like it… and it’s starting to feel more tacky than smooth..

Day 8:
Okay, it’s day 8 and part II of the process, and I’m sooo hoping this part has a different feel to it. Because as of today, I have neither seen or felt any difference (besides two zits) in my skin what so ever. Intense hydration? So far, it’s intense nothing. Thankfully this Part II treatment actually feels like it’s adding something to the skin. A thicker paste like substance that has a slight slick feel (think primer) to it but my skin welcomes any moisture it can get it’s little skin cells on right now.

Day 9:
Yep, finally. My skin is feeling more moisturized and while some make not like the sleek primer like feel of this part, my skin loves it. More, more, more.

Day 10-14:
Well, sadly, my skin isn’t really reporting a major super excited change in anything. Skin looks fine (yes, two zits are still there) and as far as major pore reducing, line airbrushing effects, I wish I could say I see anything…

Have you tried it?


Did you know Olay has a personalized website for you? Just click on and it’s like having your very own virtual skin care professional.