Elke’s Summer Must Have Beauty Products

Now that summer is finally here, as in warm weather, humidity and the occasional (ok, make that almost every day) flash flood shower, I find myself reaching for more than just my makeup in the morning. I’m reaching for my summer favs and must haves, that can get me through the humidity and still make me look good at the end of the day.

So what are my current summer lovs? (Subject to change without beauty notice, of course…)

1. Bronze Goddess Body Oil Spray by Estee Lauder


I think I’ve blogged about this way too many times, but still. A spritz of this stuff and I’m so pretending I’m in Hawaii. Enough to make me brave the humidity here in NY and oversee the muggy, sweaty day that can lie ahead of me. Humidity? What humidity? I’m on a glorious tropical (name your favorite here) island y’all. One spritz of this stuff and it’s coconut suntan oil musky scent just takes me there. I don’t think I can brave the hot summer months ahead without it.

2. MAC Belightful Iridescent Powder

This was so made for summer and the MAC Fafi shimmering bronzer is perfect. Just dust a bit on shoulders, cheekbones and you’re ready for that hot summer date. Nighttime required wearing.

3. Wet n Wild Mega Shimmering Loose Dust


I’ve taken to adding a touch of this on my lips with a super shiny clear lip gloss over. Golden Poppy is a fav and at only a few dollars, this extra sparkle puts a spring in my step and a sparkle in my eyes, as well as my lips.

4. RedPoint Age Minimizer Line Filler


More a primer than a line filler, I find that this under my mineral makeup, keeps it on hours longer. Lightweight in feel and I don’t feel the need to powder.

5. Too Faced Shimmer Veils


I’ve taken to lightening up the eyes and replacing that dark smoky eye (yes, I know trend wise it’s “IN” but really, who wants to apply and maintain on a hot summer day? puleeze) with a soft shimmering sweep of color instead. My fav? Pixie Dust in Sparkling Lime.. don’t laugh. On brown eyes it’s just the thing to liven things up a bit and it’s a soft sweep of color that makes me smile when I see it. Keep it simple, just do along top eye lashes instead… or if you’re brave, try on the whole eye lid.