Got the makeup, now what?

I got a great email from a reader thanking me for my post on makeup and my quick trick about putting your top items in a basket for easy access.. you’re welcome!

But her question was, “got the makeup, now what? as in, what do you do with it? What kind of a look am i doing?”

Great question.

And I got the fun solution. I have on the wall next to my makeup table, a corkboard, with images and tearsheets from magazines, and print outs from makeup lines online from their latest makeup collections of makeup looks I like and want to copy. LIke these:

From Clarins:

idea? the colored eye

From Aveda:


idea? a matte red lip

From Shu Uemura

idea? the colorful eye

From Sephora

idea? love the contouring

Not that I’m going to duplicate the whole look, but each image gives me an idea.. an eye, a lip. Just something that sparks me and thinks, hmmmm, today I want to look like that.

I don’t use it every day, but on those days when my brain just is NOT working? Saves me valuable time. And the fun part again? Just change it up every season, or every month, or whenever the mood strikes me. Or I see a new tearsheet in a magazine I like? Up it goes. A constantly changing portfolio of makeup ideas just when I need it.

Like 8 a.m. this morning..

One thought on “Got the makeup, now what?

  1. What a great idea!! That way you don’t get into a rut, which is really easy when your in a hurry or just don’t want to think, then it becomes daily. I tear out pics all the time and never thought to have a “catalog” of looks!!

    Thanks so much!

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