Makeup Quick Trick

Are you in as big of a rush as I am most mornings? It used to be that I had at least the time to go through my morning blog reads, get a cup of coffee, and relax a bit. Then get dressed, makeup ready and out the door. Now it seems like I barely have time to get out the door.

And sadly, I seem to only get frantic when I have to apply my makeup. Which actually used to be the most fun part of my day. But now? Sigh….. Where does the time go?

Then I remembered a trick I wrote about years ago. The makeup basket trick. Why didn’t I remember this sooner? Cause it really does work.


from Sur la Table

It’s actually quite easy and fun really. Get a really pretty basket, wire or otherwise like the one above. Just something that looks pretty and holds a fair amount of stuff without the eggs of course. This is your makeup basket. This is where all your favorite makeup items go. You know, the products that you grab, apply and it just works. Every time. That foundation, that blush. That concealer. Your one of each makeup find. I’m sure you can find your favorites in all the makeup you have.


Now throw in (or get another smaller basket if you want) the items that you’ve been wanting to try and haven’t done so yet. That new eye shadow. That new summer lipstick shade. And throw in that basket. This is your latest, newest, haven’t tried it yet basket with the latest items from your favorite collection.

LIke the new Summer Collection from Chanel:


There you go. Your works every time items, and your gotta try it items.

Now every morning, go through and apply your makeup from what’s in your basket(s). And only your basket. You’ll find that your makeup gets put on sooo much faster. Why? You’re not hunting them down. You’re not trying to find that one product. It’s just all there. And the part to remember is that it’s not the time applying makeup that takes time. It’s the time looking for it.

Now the best part is you can switch it anytime you want. I switch mine every week. Cause I just get bored really. And then it also keeps my makeup look fresh also, plus it saves valuable time and it’s fun in the process.

What’s in YOUR makeup basket?