Beauty Tip #4: Spot fix your makeup goof.

Tip # 4 from MSN?

4) Spot-Treat Smudges
Dip a cotton swab in eye-makeup remover, and trace it along your lids to erase any slipups or goofs when there’s no time to redo your whole look.

Yep, I agree but the most important part is in the actual product you’re using to clean up your makeup mistake. Use anything too oily or greasy and you’re left with a too slick surface to reapply your makeup on.
My most favorite makeup mistake fixer has got to be from Swab Plus. When I first got these sent to me, I was a little cautious. But once I used them, wow. I haven’t been using anything else. Why? They make my mistake fixing part of my routine quick and super easy, especially when on a photo shoot and I have no time.

You just crack open one end of the swab. Snap it open the the remover runs down to the cotton swab tip. Then roll over your mistake and it miraculously gets cleaned up. Best part? No oily residue, at all. Skin is clean, smooth and ready for the next step. They’re also sanitary, in individual swabs so it’s clean and easy to use.

You can also get them at

You can also make your own so to speak. But just skip the oily eye makeup remover or any oils. Another way to work it is to use your regular moisturizer to clean up. Just pick up a touch on a clean Q-tip and roll off your makeup mistake. Then take the clean end of the Q-tip and remove any excess. Because you’re using the same moisturizer that you just applied, you’re less likely to ruin any makeup around the fix it area.

See? And you thought this would be hard…..