Fashion Week continues….

So Sunday was a quick business meeting in the morning and then dashing off to the Shumag fashion show with Paul from Beyond Beauty Basic. Since Paul was the first to text me back when I got an extra invite, he was the lucky one to watch, what I soon found out, his first fashion show ever. I think he liked. Also too, it’s amazing to see the amount of work and time it goes into creating a fashion show, that here, presented 35 outfits. Time it took to show? 10 minutes. Time it took to prep? Months…

Here, it was all about messy hair with braids on the sides, and fuschia glossy pink lips and super bright overdone fuschia blush. Not a makeup trend I think I’ll be wearing soon personally.

Then off to my place to meet and greet Jennifer & Christine from Beauty in Real Life. After chatting and catching up, eyebrows were analyzed and newly reshaped on both, then they were off to meet and greet with their new PR contacts!


The event and highlight of the week so far was the MAC Cosmetics Dinner. At the super famous Suba restaurant in downtown east New York,

Hosted by the super PR diva Heather herself, we were wined and dined and presented with a generous Fashion Week survival bag, complete with their makeup take off wipes that I’ve been using every night since. Works great! No greasy residue and removes everything. Because during fashion week, who has time to take off makeup?

Then if was off to get some much needed sleep since I managed to wake up at 3 am that morning and not sleep since. And beauty sleep it was!