Fashion Week News and Tidbits

It’s been a constant whirlwind of schedule changes, designers, meetings, events and fun get togethers with fellow bloggers of The Beauty Blog Network and Total Beauty.

Wed Sept 3rd

Fly into JFK from Los Angeles. My check in luggage weights 70 lbs thanks to Fashion Week must haves. An extra $50 is requested by Jet Blue. Get yelled at by security that my carry on bags are not laid flat enough in their little gray plastic bins, which make them take my stuff and put it at the end of the line making me almost miss my plane. How flat is flat? Maybe I’ll get it next time.

Get in at midnight to a voicemail message from my neighbor that my old apartment got broken into. Guess I got out in the nick of time!

Try to sleep.

Thursday Sept 4th

Ikea arrives way to early to deliver my last order of furniture. Spend 3 hours putting it together. But my new apartment in New York is now officially put together.

Dash to the rooftop of my very own building to see a designer fashion show.. how convenient is that!

Dash off to Brooklyn to get badly needed hair cut and colored. Lov. (psst: Ask for Milla at my salon, Slope Suds in Bklyn. 718 788 SUDS. She’s amazing!)

Dash to Arena by Bryant Park for a fab opening week party where the girls far outnumber the guys, and it’s champagne for all, along with Ted Gibson blow outs, and makeup by It Cosmetics.

200809071208.jpg 200809071208.jpg

Friday Sept 5th

Wake up at 6 a.m. for no reason at all.

Meet with Allison of the Advice Sisters to reshape and tweeze her eyebrows. Ever since her chic new makeover at the Total Beauty Summit, I’ve been wanting to do this for her. She looks like a new woman.

We dash off to the Aveda sponsored dinner at Socialista, where we get kicked out at the end of our dinner from the bar because of ‘another party’, See Karen Duffy and realized I did her makeup years and years ago, but too shy to go up to her…

At the dinner, we get access to an exclusive sneak peek from Bobbi Brown newest endeavor that we can’t even dish about yet.. but we will! Stay tuned!

Sat Sept 6th

Wait at apartment forever for the cable guy to get since the building was nice enough to get me an appointment the next day. Since that never happens, I end up sitting here. Waiting. And waiting.

Finally am able to break free and dash to the Total Beauty Suite at Bryant Park Hotel and partake in the Molton Brown sponsored freebie blow outs and hand massage. Turns out that my hand massager knows me from my salon because he used to get his hair cut there. It’s a small world. Super sweet and a relaxing 15 minutes, am happily sniffing away at the citrusy gender friendly, super sleek packaging and new body line. Lov.


Then off to the Bryant Park Cellar Bar for a wonderful presentation from Sebastian announcing their 2 month old relaunch and redo of their super trendy/edgy yet oh so sleek hair care line. MUST try their Whipped Cream product. Looks like whipped cream actually. Fellow beauty bloggers and friends get their hair styled and blow dried and am amazed to hear that virtually all them had only 1 product used in their hair and they look fab. Can you imagine? Style your hair with 1 product and you’re done? So love that.


Then off to Koi restaurant with fellow beauty blogger Lianne, for dinner and much needed drinks! We’re told that we MUST leave by 9:00, and realize it’s only 6. Aww, sure. No problem. I guess we’re the untrendy early eaters! Start our dinners off with super fab Tangerine Cosmo’s that we both declare the next amazing NY drink. 1 salmon dinner and then a glorious ending with a Espresso Martini and I know I will finally be able to sleep tonight… make it home in the pouring potential hurricane rain home only to leave my umbrella in the cab. Too buzzed to even notice.

And fashion week has only started…..