Pr Sent: I Tried: I Bought – LaMer Eye Balm

Yes, there’s all this fuss and ruckus about all the freebies and stuff that beauty bloggers get, as if that hasn’t been the case with fashion and beauty magazines forever. And yes, while we (meaning I) get freebies, I try to focus on the good stuff out there. You know, the stuff that works. But amongst all the products sitting in my beauty closet waiting for my review, there is now also, the gold star PR stuff. The items that I actually got sent PR wise and was so impressed with, I actually went out and bought it when I ran out.

So here’s my first, so excited about, jumping up and down item #1 in this series of ongoing “pr sent, I tried, I bought” series. Because really, that’s truly the item you want to spend your hard earned beauty dollars on…..drumroll please….

La Mer’s Eye Balm

Yes, I’ve heard how expensive it is, and how it can make you break out, and it’s a love/hate relationship I hear with this line. You either love it or hate it. Me? Well, I avoided it. I mean seriously. The price (i’d rather put it towards a house down payment) and the breakouts I so don’t want my skin to go through…to me doesn’t seem worth it.

Pr event to see the latest holiday goodies coming your way (and just you wait!), and there was the biggest freakin jar of La Mer cream. Like the size of a watermelon. I kid you not. But in my goodie bag, was, (no, not that watermelon one silly) but a small jar of La Mer Eye Balm.


It sat on my dresser for like weeks. Self says, “it’s your eyes. You can’t break out around your eyes silly. Try it. Come on.” Okay, I try.


Okay, it’s $140 for a .5 oz size of this but I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m at the point where when tired, stressed, a long day, little fine lines just pop up around my eyes. Looks fine with nothing on, but apply the concealer, the foundation, the powder, whatever. Little fine lines look like a wrinkled shirt. Not happy.

So I apply on day 1 and apply my normal concealer. Nothing. No fine lines. At all. As in ALL DAY LONG. Nothing. I’m wowed. I’m impressed. I’m floored.

Bonus Points: goes on smooth, leaves skin feeling really soft and very smooth, which I kinda like. No irritation, no heaviness or greasiness.

_ar.jpgOkay, wait. What about those concealers that give me creases no matter what all by themselves? I pull out the Allison Raffaelle concealer. As much as I love her line, the concealer just doesn’t work for me. Creases on me immediately. Day two, apply La Mer first, concealer 2nd. Nothing. No creasing, all day long.

I’m at the point where I’m wearing Allison’s concealer everyday now (her coverage is amazing) and I’m going through my old concealers and foundations that didn’t work and reusing them just because now I can. And I’m so happy. Because this little jar has given me back products that I didn’t think I could wear, but now it’s like getting them all brand new.

It’s heaven I tell you . And for $150? It’s money well spent I say.

La Mer Eye Balm