PINK PRODUCT REVIEW: Sean John Fragrances Unforgivable Woman


I have never tried any of the Sean John Fragrances. So I really didn’t know what to think. I was happily surprised. There is a note of a scent in this scent that I love and I wish I could point my finger on it. Maybe it’s Bergamot, Orange Flower or Jasmine. Could it be the Coco de Mer? Not sure. But there’s a touch of a sweetness that’s so pretty, that I’m falling in love with the scent. I think it’s the Orange Flower + Jasmine combo. It’s soft, slightly sweet, but citrusy floral at the same time. I also am happy to report that I got a lot of compliments on the days that I wore this… which is always a nice after effect, don’t you think?

2.5 oz


Sean John Fragrances will make a donation of $10,000 in connection with the combined sales of Unforgivable Eau de Toilette Spray and Unforgivable Woman Eau de Toilette Spray to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

800 621 9877


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