If you are a beauty poduct junkie (ok, who isn’t?), you just gotta run over to Why? it’s a chance to get the latest and greatest in products, but without spending a fortune. And no, I’m not talking measly little samples or packets…. I’m talking full sized products here.

Quarterly, their beauty industry experts (yep, I”m one of them!) gets to go through a whole bunch of products and give our stamp of approval to only the best that then gets sent out to you… If you’re a member of Beautyfix, you get the whole lot for only $50 per quarter… (one of the skin creams I just tried was $90 just by itself… and it also was amazing…) Plus if you’re a member, you also get member-only deals on their latest and best beauty products.

Here’s just some of the goodies that was in the last beautyfix bag:

Natural Wonder Cream
Full Size $90


As a bonus, they included a sample of Amarté’s Natural Wonder Cream for you to try.
Jane Iredale 24-Karat Gold Dust Powder
Full size $12


A versatile powder adds shimmer to face, body and hair.
Kronos Phyx
Full size $`105


Beauty sleep takes on a whole new meaning with an overnight repair mask for your hair.
PCA skin pHaze 9 Purifying Mask
Full size $56 SEE MY REVIEW HERE!
Just scroll through to find my photo….



Purify and exfoliate your skin with this dermatologist favorite.|2662406889Redpoint NOC-Out Cover-Up Compact
Full size $38 SEE MY REVIEW HERE!
Neutralize, Obliterate and Conceal for flawless-looking skin.

Wanna get? Join up at Beauty Fix for the next offering!

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