PRODUCT REVIEW: Bliss Triple Oxygen Eye Mask

NEW! Like an energy drink for your eyes, this instant brightening treatment is ‘eye-deal’ for those who want to fake a full 8 hours of sleep. With 3 forms of glow-inducing oxygenation, antioxidant vitamin C and puff-pummeling cucumber extract, it’ll leave eyes looking lively in 15 minutes flat. Box of 4 unique twin-chamber packets (1-month supply).

Sounds great right?

Looks easy to use…. ah not. It says press the chamber.. so I do. I press and press, and literally pop the dickens out of this thing. Nothing. I literally have to put this thing down on a counter and using my whole body weight, (I’m not kidding) push down and then, POP> it pops. I’m literally afraid that this thing will explode right in front of me and spray everything that’s in it across my bathroom walls. Now THAT would have been funny.
So pop, open, peel out the little squishy gauzy eye pads…. only problem is that there’s WAY too much liquid in there.. so much, it’s running down my sink from the pad itself, not to mention all the excess left over in the package.
So I squeeze almost the whole excess out of the pad… and then lie back, (I’m exhausted by now…I really need to lie down..) and lay under my eyes.. and relax.
The best part was the relaxing….
The results?
Skin is softer, but that’s it.
Dang, I could have gotten the same results just putting on some of my fav eye moisturizer.
Not worth the $54 you think?

Bliss Energizing Eye Mask