PRODUCT REVIEW: Clinique Defining Liner for Lips

This product falls under the “press sent, I loved, I bought” category. Because if you’re looking for a lip pencil that matches your lip to give you a lip look that ‘s you but better? This is it.

Now I’ve always been a bit of a sceptic on those that sing the praises of Mac’s Spice lip pencil being the best universal color, but I never got it. To me it’s way too orange. And the wet & wild cult fav #666 wine colored lip pencil was a bit too, well, wine for me…

Nope. Clinique’s Defining LIner in Sugar Fig is to die for. The perfect light plummy yet a touch of brown, but not too much, and not too pink or blue.. it’s just the perfect lip tone lip. Throw some gloss over, and I’m out the door. I find myself using this practically every time I want to look a little polished but not too done, yet still natural, which is pretty much like every day…..

Plus the sharpener in the cap convenience is genius…

lov lov lov

You can find in Clinique’s Modern Matte Fall Collection.

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