PRODUCT REVIEW: Clinique Superdefense


I gotta say. Clinique is on a ROLL. Honestly? I never was too impressed with their skincare. Too much alcohol in it’s products would dry out my skin like crazy and make it itch and in the end just leave me with little red bumps from the fragrance. Yep, my sensitive skin and Clinique were not a happy couple.
Enter Superdefense. Apply, and viola.
No feel. No stickiness. No feeling like I put on a thick layer of cream. Who wants that especially in the morning? Nope. Apply and it makes your skin feel like you put on a great primer. Super smooth and silky. Plus loving the SPF 25 as well. Put makeup on and my skin is good to go. It feels great, not slick, not greasy, just…… well, perfect.
Yep. This is my new everyday moisturizer + spf. Thank you Clinique! I think we just might have the start of a beautiful friendship after all!