PRODUCT REVIEW: PCA Skin Purifying Mask

So I got a few emails from readers asking what my fav product was from the goodies I got to try over at BeautyFix, (you joined right?) and you would think one of the makeup items…. cause if I had to choose on a life or death threat, what to choose between makeup or skincare, well, duh. Makeup! But not here.


Usually skincare is just like,w h a t e v e r with me, because I usually never SEE anything. Oh my skin may feel softer but big deal. I want results, and I mean ‘major’. Here? Well, read on to see what I had to say about this one…..

BF Let’s talk about the PCA Skin Purifying Mask. What did you like about this product?

EVFOooooh! Actually, this was my favorite product in the whole group. At first I thought it would really do a number on my skin, but the results it gave me were nearly instant and I was really surprised. I loved it. I don’t know how to explain it. I have never had a mask, or I guess you could call this a scrub really, that feels like this. I’ve never felt such a difference after 5 minutes in my life – on anything.

BF So how did your skin feel afterwards?

EVFWell, immediately afterwards it felt a little raw, but in a good way. I could tell it really got all of the dead skin off. And my skin felt, I guess, almost thinner and it felt very light, it felt really clean, the skin felt really soft. Usually I try things on my skin and I just don’t see a difference – I don’t feel it, I don’t see it – other than if it is a bad result. I break out. This is something that I immediately saw something better.

BF Will this be something you will incorporate into your routine now?

EVFOh yeah – absolutely – yeah.

BF How often do you think you will use this mask – scrub?

EVF I think with my skin type I don’t want to do it every day – maybe once a week.

BF Anything else that you would like to add about it?

EVFThe scent – I liked the smell of it. And also, I don’t know if you want to state it or not, but I would like to stress not to get it in your eyes just because it is so fine and the grains are so small and polished, I got one in my eye and it was in there all day. I didn’t realize how careful you had to be.