Save money on botox

….and all those other super expensive office visits that you might do to get your skin looking fabulous again. How? Do a at-home version for a while and save that valuable money for other things, like bills and such. With the economy the way it is, who knows how long this might go for? Well, hopefully not too long, but in searching for cheaper alternatives to try for now, I found from AG Skincare, the AB 10%.

$95 gets you 60 applications, and that’s a lot… This Glycolic Acid AB 10% at home peel is at 10% which is super close to the doctor variety, and I have used one very similar a while back from another line and got tremendous results. Super easy, just swipe on from it’s soaked filled pad and leave on a few, then rinse. Next morning, you get amazing glowing skin.
* Deep Cleans and Gently Exfoliates
* Reduces Fine Lines
* Significantly Reduces the Size of Pores
* Relieves Redness and Dryness
* Evens out Hyper-pigmentation and Discoloration
* Lightens Minor Scars and Sun Spots
* Improve your Skin on a Daily Basis by Reducing the Size of Pores
* Improve the Firmness of your Skin and Fight Wrinkles by Building Collagen