Taaz Virtual Makeup

Taaz Virtual Make Up

Taaz - Virtual Make Up

Brought to you from Glam.com, here you can try out colors and create a new look. But not with clothes.

Here? It’s with makeup.

At first thought, I thought this can’t be. How do you apply to the face, a color? Ok,hair, yeah, just cut n paste a horrible looking wig thing around your image to see a new hair style… but this? Hmm, I was curious.

If you go to the Create A New Look section on the homepage, you can click and you’ll get an array of faces to choose from. Real people that are supposed to be similar to you… ah, not really. But still…

So you see your ‘face’ and to the left, an array of colors on a color wheel.. here you get to choose for lips, pencil, gloss or lipstick. Or maybe all three. So click on a cool beige lip gloss, and below I see “Palladio Lip Gloss in Crystal.” zoom in on the photo and I’ll be dammed. You actually see the lip gloss on her lips….

You can clear your choices and click around the color wheel and try again or go to another feature..

Eyes. Check mascara… aww this should be good. But instead of showing the mascara look, you just see the color change after you’ve selected the eye lash style (thin? long? thick?) that you have…. I so would have liked to see the actual mascara look since this is one of the hardest products to find a good fit for…

Next, concealer. Same thing. No matter how many different concealers I ‘tried”, they all looked the same…. no changes in coverage, just color…

The best features I thought were on the choices that only involved color, not texture.. as in blush, lipstick, and shadow. Surprisingly, you could see the texture in the lip gloss… but for other products and features? It really didn’t work…. but all in all, if you’re looking for a new blush/shadow/lipstick/gloss? You’ll find yourself playing around like crazy and noting the brand/color for a future shopping spree.

Here’s hoping the color bought is the ACTUAL color you see and not just a fake photoshop version of it….


You can also upload your own photo to play around with…..and you can also save your ‘looks’, print them out and take them to your store to shop and compare.