Holiday Makeup Look: Pink Cheeks

You thought I was going to say red didn’t you. That wine, stained blush that makes you look like you’ve been out in the snow all day. No, that’s your day look. For night? Think different… pink. Ank pink cheeks is the cutest way to update your red lip look.

And I’m not talking baby doll pink. I’m talking PINK. But don’t worry. It’ll be wearable…in a holiday way you’ll love. I promise.




Diorshow in Catwalk Pink



Givenchy in Glowing Rose



Sephora in Frambroise Attraction 3


This is the easiest look yet. Smile, apply to apples of cheeks. Then grab that red lipstick… black mascara… no shadow.

Fresh, clean, young… simple.

To update? My fav trick ever… take your shimmering powder, like


Dior Night Diamond Luminizer

then smile and then right on the top of the apple of your cheeks,not the middle, but the top near your eyes? Apply a touch. There you go. Shimmer baby cheeks… so pretty..especially in candlelight..

One thought on “Holiday Makeup Look: Pink Cheeks

  1. This is really helpful cause I’m never quite sure what to do with blush in the evening hours. Pink is so fun! There’s another good pink blush that I like called Alima Matte Blush… Plus with the holidays it seems that EVERYTHING is red, lipstick, blush, sweaters so I’m glad pink is still getting some love. Thanks for this!

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