Holiday Makeup Look: The new smoky eye

Oh you know everyone is going to be rocking the smoky eye this holiday season. It’s the time of year you can pack it on and look, well, glamorous rather than over done. But for this holiday, the smoky eye is different. How? Color. You usually think muddy browns, and blacks for creating the look. Not anymore, that’s so early 2000. Now? It’s a color that’s involved in there somewhere..and a new placement…

First off: Color

like gray try Thunderball from Nars



Or even gold…Duwop in Lava



or my favorite, dark forest green.


and even blue

Makeup Forever in Matte Blue


The new smoky eye doesn’t have to be dark and drab. Mix some color in and you’ll get a much fresher look. Worried about going too far? You can add in your color in one of two ways.
1. Shy? Just add your colored shadow on top of your eye pencil around your lashes, both top and bottom. Then put your regular smoky shade that you would use, like grays or browns on the lid… blend, add mascara and you’ve just livened up your new look. Or
2. Put the color on the whole eye lid and keep the lashes dark, with black pencil and mascara around the lashes both top and bottom and you’ll create a splash of color every time you blink. But keep the color on a darker more muted side. This is not the time to try out that bright blue peacock blue.. think midnight blue instead… see?
The most dramatic new way to wear the dark smoky eye and seen all over the runways was what I call the total smoky eye. As in everywhere from eyebrow to eye lashes. The whole eye is covered in……


The trick is to keep the lashes and pencil around the lashes darker than your shadow. A black pencil + mascara with a gray shadow applied up to the brow. Go too dark and you’ll start looking like an extra in a vampire sequel. Grays are my favorite shades for this look.. more mysterious… Trick: Apply gray shadow to your eye lid, and then blend up. Need more? Apply again to the eye lid and blend up each time… that way you get a gradation that fades to the brow bone and won’t look like one big mass of dark…

Try Kat Von D in Motorhead


Too much? Try just rimming the lashes with pencil, gray shadow and mascara,keeping the lids and bone clean…. or adding a touch of white sparkle shadow on the bone for that ‘snowflake’ look.. a more classic smoky eye…