PRODUCT FIND: L’Oreal Skin Genesis Towelettes

Okay, this is certainly not a gift giving thing.. or maybe it will be once I explain it, but this is just the PERFECT thing to stash in your bathroom, for those late nights when you get home from all those parties you plan to go to and realize, you would just rather get in bed, than wash your face. I hear you… I do it way more than I care to admit. So to save your face (it has to look amazing for the next party, right?) you gotta grab one of these…

Quick, fast, convenient and your face will thank you. Also from the Skin Genesis line which i absolutely adore… great results, no side effects, and your skin feels amazing from pretty much anything in the line, I kid you not. The cleanser, the serum, the moisturizer.. lov lov lov.

L’Oreal Skin Genesis Wet Cleansing Towelettes