PRODUCT REVIEW: Product Body Bubble Rubble

I got the chance to try and play with the super chic Product Body line’s Bubble Rubble. No, it’s not for kids even I though I KNOW you are thinking of Barnie Rubble from The Flintstones right now aren’t ya. Well, me too.

Well, I’m sure kids would love this too, but after I got this after a day of packing, moving and putting together a room full of furniture, well, let’s just say this was a gift from the gods.

Okay, now, it’s nothing to look at. It’s crumbles of well, I’m not sure what, but it looks like squishy soap. (that didn’t sound right…) but that’s what it looks like. Just take a chunk and you break it in two.. or however small or big you want… and toss it into the bath. Truly a little goes a long way.
Now get in!

Bubbles emerged immediately and voila. I was in bubble heaven. I mean super bubbles. Who knew this little thing could be such a giant in the bathtub body products world? The scent reminded me a bit of bubble gum, but the scent is listed as ‘SEXY LAUNDRY DAY’…. and it just bubbled away and stayed for what seemed forever. Pet peeve? When bubbles are gone in like 5 minutes. What was that all about? No, a bath time ritual needs at least 30 minutes right? Okay, 20.
These do not disappoint.
More Bubble Rubble please!

Bubble Rubble