NYX makes it a green day.

I had gotten a bunch of NYX Cosmetics a while back, and I’ve been waiting for an avant garde type photo shoot to use them on. Why? We’re talking major color here. Brights, pastels, green, blue, purple……. Looking for a color? NYX will most likely have it. And its got photo shoot written all over it.
Me? Well, let’s just say I’m not a bright colored makeup type of gal. Until the other day that is.
The other day was Earth Day. And of course, color of choice just has to be green. Yep. I was wearing green eye shadow. Now, don’t gasp. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds. I actually got a ton of compliments that day at the salon as I tweezed and perfected eyebrows all day.
And let’s just say, I was very happy. Color of choice was their:
Triple Shadow in
Spring Leaf/Lime Green/Green Tea
(shown above).
Colors look intense in the pan, and my rule of thumb is whenever I apply colored shadows, I always apply them slightly damp. Because who really wants green falling all over their cheekbones while applying? It also turns the shadow into a water color like wash that makes it easier to blend and apply then if you were to apply dry. And the nice side benefit is that it stays on all day long. Yep, this shadow stayed on till 8 am till 9 pm that night. I kid you not. Maybe some slight fading, but no creasing and no touch ups required.
e.l.f. professional Eye Shadow Brush

Just take a flat, soft eye shadow brush that’s somewhat fluffy. Mist with a touch of toner or water (just mist, you want the brush slightly damp, not soaking wet) and then pick up your shadow on the side of the bristles. Then touch where you want the color intensity to be. For me, I wanted the green wash (or in this case, the lighter spring leaf shade) to be on the eyelid, so I touched in the middle of the lid, near the lashes and then blended up and out towards the crease so that the whole eye lid to crease was covered. The color will stay slightly damp for a while so you have time to blend, but just know that once the shadow is dry, it’s pretty much permanent. So blend blend blend, buff buff buff and you’re done. Then a touch of the darker green (Lime Green) around the lashes, then a touch of black eyeliner on top, with black mascara and I was done.
Loved it.
Now if only I can get a avant garde shoot going. I got just the colors for it.
You can find NYX cosmetics at:
NYX Cosmetics @ Drugstore.com