It’s not just a candle.. or so you thought.

I’ve been hearing about this candle for a while now and yep, I was curious.. because the idea sounds cool. Burn the candle, blow out and then  use the wax to moisturize after you’ve blown out the candle… yet for some reason I couldn’t wrap my head around it for some reason…I was all,  awwwh, what? Huh?
So when I was offered the chance to try it, I jumped. Because curiosity did kill the cat here, I just had to see it to believe it.
So yes, it’s a candle, first and foremost.  But a candle so heavenly, that even when it’s not burning, my whole office was scented in this amazing, heavenly fragrance. Yes. The candle was not burning… whiff whiff whiff. I was in candle heaven.
On to stage two, lighting the thing. Off to bath tub time, and I light and again, whiff whiff whiff. Yum! This scent is to die for… awww, heaven.
Last, stage three.  Blow out candle, let it cool for a bit, and take the oils that are swimming around the wick.  Just the perfect amount for say a moisturizing hand treatment. I treat my cuticles to it and the oils just melted right in.. smelled great and the next a.m. had soft and perfect nails to show off.  This is truly a heaven sent product.
You can also get the body candle which has a easy to use pourable container that you can pour the oils out for a larger surface to apply to. The candle for this one is refillable so you can use over and over.
Made from 100% natural and vegan ingredients, including soy and shea butter, jojoba and Vitamin E, you can also use as a everyday moisturizer.
Try the little 4 oz travel tin that’s perfect for making that stuffy hotel room feel more like home…
Kudos for a product that though seems so one dimensional, come through with flying colors..  Me, my bathroom and my office are soo happy to have found this.