Black Opal’s must haves…

If you are a fan of color, well, don’t pass by the Black Opal counter at your local CVS, Duane Reade or RiteAid. Nope, this makeup line isn’t just for dark skin. Though the brand definitely touts itself as such, don’t let that sway you. You definitely need to check it out.
First off, if you tend to run into problems with colors just not looking on, the way it appears in the pan, don’t fear. That’s a big pet peeve of mine, and Black Opal doesn’t disappoint. So be assured, that pretty much the color you see is the color you’re going to get. Love that.
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Black Opal Quad Eyeshadows
I had the chance to play with some of their eye shadows and I was impressed. Color eye shadow quads are divided with 3 neutral shades paired with a vibrant or fashionable color added as their fourth. A favorite of mine is the Golden Sunset Quad. Beautiful colors that look great on all skin tones.
Another great product is their Lip Liner-Lacquer Duo.
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Black Opal  Lip Liner-Lacquer Duo
I got the one in Golden Gleam which is a soft gold on one end and a black (yes, black) lip liner on the other. I just used this as an eyeliner.. hey, gotta compromise here! The gloss was a super soft very sheer gold shade that would go great over any lip color and can easily update your day to night look in one product.
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Black Opal True Tone Lipstick
Another product is their True Tone Lipstick. Tired of lipsticks never looking the way you see them? With Black Opal, that will never happen. I got the intense, super hot “Tropica” red shade that’s so hot for fall right now and I literally had to tone this down… A dab applied got rich color that lasted great…
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Black Opal Oil Absorbing Pressed Powder
Also, another twist to their products is their Oil Absorbing Pressed Powder. Now the powder shades may be too dark for our light skin tones, but with matte bronzer being all the rage right now, Black Opal offers 8 warm brown shades that are matte and would work perfect as matte bronzers for us fair girls.

Their newest?
Color Fusion Mosaic Powder

So if you’re a fan of rich, deep true m akeup tones in your makeup routine, give Black Opal a try. Just note that all colors will go on as you see them (other than the lip lacquer duo) and what you see is what you get.
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