5 Summer Makeup: Step 2

Get skin prep ready for that summer humidity.

Apply a light dusting of a light yellow(or clear)  Loose Powder over clean skin first. That mineral veil you have sitting there? Perfect. Try Purely Cosmetic’s amazing clear powders in regular and super duper, (ok, it’s really called Oil Absorb) for really oily skin.  By applying first before foundation, it helps keeps foundation on longer without melting, with both the powder and liquid foundation variety.

It also lightens up redness (as in the yellow toned powder), and keeps dewy skin looking fresher longer, before it turns into a shiny greasy mess. This step is a must to looking light all day.


Want even more shine control? Apply a Shine Control Product, like Origin’s Zero Oil just on the t-zone, and on eyelids as a eye shadow base just before you powder…anywhere you feel you need a little extra touch.

Test either or and see which one works better for your skin…. ready for step 3?