PRODUCT REVIEW: CoverGirl LashBlast Lengths Mascara

So in comes this super bright neon yellow mascara tube that promises length galore, and even though it’s not available until September in stores, (only a limited supply is available now at, CVS/Pharmacy, and Walgreens) ) I got the chance to try and see if it’s really as bright a mascara star as it’s tube color.

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CoverGirl’s LashBlast Lengths Mascara isn’t what you think it is. But don’t get me wrong.
Here’s what it isn’t. It really isn’t a lengthening mascara. It just isn’t. There are many others out there that lengthen way more than this one does. So I’m a little bewildered as to why they would call it that.

But what it IS, is a GREAT mascara. Really. An awesome wand, with a tiny round brush that brushes on perfectly, with no vibrating weirdness to content with, or a big gigantic massive wand that feels like it’s hitting your eyeball. This mascara goes on smooth, no lumps, clumps or unevenness.

What this mascara also does is give you the look that Maybelline’s infamous green/pink Great Lash mascara does, but without the side effects. Because who ever touted this as the amazing mascara, is really wrong. It burns my eyes every time I try to take it off, and it only really makes light lashes look insanely dark, which every blonde loves. But that’s about it. Not much in the thick or long department. But LashBlast gives amazing darkness, everyday thickness, with a bit more length to make your own lashes look like yours, but amazingly better.

Also what I loved was the no feel all day (no drying out, no can’t wait to get this stuff off feeling, and no pulling at mascara all day because your eyes are dried out..) Even better, it washes off like a dream..

So if you’re looking for darker, blacker, thicker lashes, this is it. Just don’t be disappointed in the length department. But I’ll certainly take everything else it offers.