Don’t let MAC’S latest Style Black scare you.

Okay, the makeup artist in me is just dying over these images. Lov! But the woman in me, is just gasping at even the idea of wearing black lips… yeah right! How am I supposed to pull THIS off? The artist in me say, “you can do it!” while the working woman in me says, ‘Aww, hell no!”

Don’t despair. There are a few super cool, must have trendy items that you can get in Mac’s latest Style Black Collection that are doable, wearable, and funable..(is that even a word? I thought I’d try….)

So try this on for size.

First of, for the timid in all of us, this will break you out of your nude, everyday, boring no makeup colors rut you’ve got yourself into. Try the new Nail Lacquer in Baby Goth Girl, a black with a purple pearl finish. Still scared? Just do on toes… and you’ll feel a little goth I swear… even if no one can see them, it’s enough to know that you got this on… are you feeling it yet?


Baby steps I tell you. Next on the list, is their Smolder Eye Kohl Eye Pencil. I know you’re thinking, Elke, it’s just a black eye pencil. I know, but try applying it (think night time look here) rimming it in the inside of the eye. Think cat eye.. Sexy no? Feeling braver? Then take their Greasepaint Stick in Intense Black (a sparkle black that’s to die for) and rim that around the lashes, top and bottom. Just a touch. Smudge, smear. Feeling a little braver no?

Next, on to eye shadows.. try their Gilt by Association (their softest one in a black with gold gilded through) that you can smudge on the eyelids… as light or as heavy as you want.


My most fav item? Their Glimmer Gloss in Bling Black, a sheer (don’t worry, it’s very very sheer) black, with a gold pearl. You can wear alone, or over any other color really… feeling brave? Try the Blackfire (black with a purple pearl..)

So think simple, one feature at a time. Only do one feature at a time.. and if you’re feeling brave, add a second one.. You’ll be Styling Black in no time.