Exuviance gives the At Home Peel an Advantage

Well just when I was about to book a $250 facial peel (seriously), I get the latest from Exuviance in my mail to try, thanks to the savvy PR team that probably was reading my mind at that very moment. This easy 2 step system, called Performance Peel AP25, from NeoStrata had my name written all over it. So try it I did. And since 100% of users saw improvement in fine lines and wrinkles after only 1 month, well, I’d be crazy not to.

This incredibly easy to use 2 step packet makes the at home do it yourselfer jump for joy.

Step One: Tear open Packet 1 and apply the Activator Pad over newly washed face, avoiding sensitive eyes, lips etc. Wait for intense stinging to begin, right? Well, make that a tiny prickle that literally is gone in seconds… and wait 10 minutes.

So wait I did, and 10 minutes later, my skin feels tight. Not dry tight, but a sort of film on the face tight. Nothing to worry about. My sensitive skin also looks pretty pink, like a mild sunburn but nothing to be alarmed at. I’ve actually tried skin peel type products that actually made my skin bright red, and/or super stinging. Not here. This is actually very doable.

Step Two: Apply Neutralizer Pad over face (or sooner if there is discomfort that you are not liking), and then rinse with water.

Then apply your moisturizer. Done!

How’s that for at home friendly? This 12 peels ( 6 week supply) is for use on hands, face, neck or anywhere you need a little extra help for retail of $60.00. Way cheaper than a salon peel.

You can actually use this up to twice a week (less if your skin is displaying symptoms more, like excess peeling or irritation….) but my skin after 2 weeks of using x2 per week, is looking glowy and soft. And darker areas of skin is looking lighter. Best is how moisturizer and foundation is just gliding on. And doing this twice a week for a month, has made my skin look and feel amazing. A definite must have.

Available at exuviance.com and Ulta Stores nationwide.