It’s A Mascara Love Affair

It’s a new mascara love affair going on here. Enter the newest mascara in the Clinique family. While I have to say, my mascara love affair began years ago, with Lancome’s iconic and amazing mascaras that were all to die for. But when formulations changed, and beloved mascaras started disappearing (cough, cough, Aquacils..) well, my loyalty went with it. Next I tried Mac’s mascaras. Sadly, while I loved how they all looked, my eyes just couldn’t handle wearing it. Within minutes of applying, my eyes will water, tear, and sometimes even burn, so alas, I keep looking for a that will give me great lashes, without the fuss and tears.

I was introduced to Clinique’s mascaras when I saw their Mascara Portfolio up on Sephora a while back. And while the little mini tubes of mascaras made me buy, it took awhile for me to get to them to actually try it. And once I did, many of them were dried out. So much for buy and try.

Enter, Clinique’s latest. NEW High Lengths Mascara.
Clinique High Lengths Mascara
The unique comb looks very familiar to a Mac mascara that I tried and couldn’t use so I was cautious. But boy am I glad I did. I have to say this is one of my most fav mascaras to come across in a while.

What makes this really so unique and great is the comb. The curved wand lets you easily comb through the lash with a minimum of clumps and you actually see your lashes get longer and longer in front of your eyes. I mean insanely long. Even better is the inky black color. Super black and looks fantastic. Though this mascara doesn’t give major wow factor in the thickness department, you’ll be so impressed with the length that you really won’t mind. I didn’t. i could easily apply 3 coats without creating a lash clumpy mess, though 2 coats is just fine.

Even better? No reactions, no watery eyes, no tears, no itchy, burning. Just, no nothing.

ELKE’S TIP: Apply this mascara and at the tip of the lashes, hold the wand to ‘curl’ and hold the lashes up. Let the mascara dry for a touch. Let go. You’ve just given a super curl to your lashes as well.

CLINIQUE’S TIP: Use the tip of the wand to get the little comb to define and separate small lashes.

And yes, I think I’m having a mascara love affair…