PRODUCT REVIEW: Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner


If you’re loving the super glam makeup of Mad Men (just when is that show coming back? I’m in serious withdrawals here….)… well, you just know that that dramatic eyeliner effect is a definite part of the Mad Men, oh so hot retro look.

So when Maybelline sent their latest Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, I just had to try it out for a super fabulous event I was going to.

Oil free, with pigments in a clear gel base, this stuff goes on super smooth and stays PUT. As in 24 hours. Smudge proof, waterproof and a great intensity in the pigment.  Product pros? This stuff stays on forever.

Now on the other hand, the eyeliner brush that comes with, looks like it would be great. Longer handled brush (well, longer than most in product placement brushes) than most, with super soft hairs.. that promises a thin or thick line approach to your application. But here’s when it gets tricky. If you’re not used to applying a liquid eyeliner, well, it’s all about how you hold the brush. Here, the brush is a lot thicker than the norm eyeliner brush.  How to apply? Use the side of the brush to get a thicker line, and just the tip of the brush for a thin line, or for getting that super thin wing tip flip out effect on the ends of the line.

Trick: For the best winged out placement, place the brush between the top and bottom lashes for the exact location every time, and then flip out the line. You’ll find you’ll get the same placement every time on both eyes, rather than trying to blend the flip into the end of the actual eyeliner line.

Want a more elegant line to your gel liner? Try your slanted angle brush. You’ll get a much thinner result because the brush hairs are thinner.

For Best Results

See the how-to video and get more info on these Eye Studio looks: