It’s Two Mascaras in One



710298FB-1BD2-4C79-8BF2-6DA55582B17E.jpgYes, it’s two, two, two mints in one….oops! No, that’s something else. What was meant to say is that it’s two mascaras in one. Really. Two wands in one. Finally someone heard our pleas and did it. Created two brushes in one tube. MAC Cosmetics gives you Haute & Naught Mascara, two different brushes: one small for defined lashes and one thick for mega lashes. And yes, it’s only one mascara formula that you get, but with two ways to apply it.

I actually found myself liking the smaller brush the best and didn’t even bother using the thick one because it really didn’t get that much product on. The thin brush gave super long and dark lashes that look like false lashes in it’s winged out look that looked great. Stayed on and and small brush really got in and defined the lashes on both the inner and outer corners for a great look.

Now if only the thick brush side was that amazing……

M·A·C Haute & Naughty Lash Available July 2010 only at and September 2010 at all locations in the permanent collection.