Makeup Look: Bronzer on Ice

You’re probably thinking, what? Bronzer on ice? is that a new drink? No… it’s a new way to wear your bronzer. Because if you’re like me, sometimes being pale during drab winter months can be a bit, depressing.

So bronze it up. But I don’t mean apply like you just got back from a tropical island. No think holiday, festive, warm, cozy…

Take your fav bronzer but it’s gotta have shimmer in it. It’s holiday right? My all time fav ever is Cargo’s Bronzers… gorg.

Or try Sephora’s Brand.. best shimmer bronzer ever in my opinion….
Think warm golden shimmer.. and you got it. Now smile. And apply across your cheeks from ear to ear. Across cheeks, nose…cheeks. Back and forth. Think warm, glowing.. got it?
Now for the fun part.. take your fav shimmery white eye shadow..
You don’t want glitter.. you want shimmer.Dust across your eyelids and eyebrow bone.. and add a touch to the tops of your cheekbones…
Now take your super glossy shimmery nude lip gloss. If it has a touch of nude pink, even better. This makes your lips look like you but better… that’s the look.
try it in Pineapple Cocktail, a sheer iridescent ivory beige.
Throw on, out the door. A more natural yet glamorous new you… and the easiest look to maintain as well.