Runway Hair: Coolest & Strangest Look?

While we’re all about trends here, we recently saw the latest from the Alexander McQueen and Valentino shows that caught our eye.  Guess which one we think is the coolest and the strangest hair look we’ve seen yet?

Both looks come from Guido, Redken Creative Consultant who is still styling high fashion hair at Paris Fashion Week. 

The coolest, and also the easiest hairstyle we saw was at Valentino, where the hairstyle was a low ponytail with
black ribbon headband. “The Valentino woman is very sophisticated, innocent,
and youthful – with this style’s volume at the crown & sideburns, it creates
a very rich quality style.” –Guido, Redken Creative Consultant. 


Redken Products:

velvet gelatine 07
cushioning blow-dry gel

-fashion work 12 versatile working spray


Create the look:

Blow-dry velvet gelatine
07 cushioning blow-dry gel into damp hair

Create a 2 inch center
part where the hair falls naturally

Backcomb at the crown to
create slight volume

Pull hair into a low,
loose ponytail at the nape of the neck, careful not to pull to tight as to keep
the volume at the crown

Pull a few pieces out to
create slight sideburns

Secure with an elastic
and cover elastic with a piece of hair

Place the black ribbon
headband around the head and finish with fashion work 12 versatile working


Pretty, classic and beautiful no?


The look at Alexander McQueen was made up of silver
and black clips all over the head that looked like a helmet. “Overall this season
we created very wearable looks, but this is not one of them. Often we talk
about Fashion Week hairstyles as being more fantasy and aspirational, and the
look we created today at Alexander McQueen is just that. When developing this
look, I took inspiration from old paintings of women going into battle and
different helmets from the middle ages, representing a very strong, confident
woman .” –Guido, Redken Creative Consultant


Create the Look:

hair into a low ponytail

silver (or black) clips down the ponytail (about ¾)

ponytail up and secure to the back of the head

clips around all other hair exposed portions of the head so hair is completely




Strange, yet unique no?


Photos courtesy of Matt Lever for Redken