Joanna Chien of UNT Skincare Shares Proper Summer Skincare

Joanna Chien, founder of UNT Skincare, shared with us great summer skincare facts that we wanted to share with you.
During the summer, skin tends to become increasingly oily due to active pore secretion caused by the high temperature. There is a strong correlation between temperature and sebum production. For every degree of rise in temperature, the amount of sebum secretion goes up 5%. Therefore, the rich skincare products designed to protect you from cold dry weather are not suitable for the summer. Here is what you might consider when selecting your skincare products for the summer:
1.     If your face gets an oily shine two hours after you wash the face, then you should focus on sebum control. There are many effective products specializing on refining pores and controlling sebum production (e.g. UNT’s Pore Refiner Plus
2.     In the summer, the face tends to look dull in the early afternoon because sebum oxidizes into a lackluster film over the skin. To return your skin back to its brilliance, you should exfoliate regularly the face and body twice a week to remove aged skin cells and to better prevent acne breakouts (e.g. UNT Exfoliant is a grain-free exfoliator that uses enzymatic action to get rid of dead skin cells).
3.     People often eliminate hydration care during the summer because they sweat more than they do in the winter. That is a common mistake. The truth is that your skin still needs moisture in a warm weather. Instead of using an oil-based cream, which is often used during the winter, you should switch to an oil-free hydrating serum for the summer to avoid pore clogs and sticky discomfort (e.g. UNT AQUA DÉLUGE is a fantastic oil free hydrating serum with 3 types of Hyaluronic Acids). 
4.     Drink a lot of water. Well hydrated bodies tend to have better skin than those that are not.
5.     Last but not least, you should protect yourself thoroughly from harmful UVs. Try to pick a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 rating if you know you will be walking around in the sun.