No Minerals in Mineral Makeup?

EMANI (formerly Emani Minerals) has announced that they are dropping the word “minerals” from their brand name due to as they claim, “persistent abuse and overuse of the term “minerals” in the cosmetic industry”.  

Read on to see what they have to say below:

“Over 169 million women in North America wear “mineral” makeup, and over half of those women do not know the real ingredients that they are applying to their face daily.

Within the past five years many brands have jumped on the mineral bandwagon, because sales have shot up over 60% on “natural” or mineral options. In reality, many large companies are using this term as an advertising ploy.  There are no regulations for what constitutes mineral makeup, leaving words like “mineral” and “mineralized” to be thrown aroundThis is misleading when consumers are buying “mineral” based makeup thinking it’s a healthier alternative.

Ever wonder why talc is frequently found in the face powder, blush and eye shadows? For starters, talc is very inexpensive and it is used in the highest concentration (ie: #1 ingredient) in most of the top cosmetic products. Why do not we want talc in our product -Because, talc has been shown to cause tumors in the ovaries and lungs of cancer victims. The question remains, why does talc remains in popular cosmetic products??

EMANI founder, lifetime entrepreneur and mother, Michelle Doan, refuses to compromise her company’s integrity by using fillers and harsh chemicals in her products. Being “GREEN” is only one integral part of EMANI, EMANI also proactively formulates their entire line of vegan & natural cosmetics to be high-performing while reducing skin allergy risks. EMANI has successfully removed dangerous pollutants from their cosmetics, but their mission doesn’t stop there. EMANI uses BOTH biodegradable and recyclable product packaging materials.”

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