Keep Hair Glossy Straight Between Treatments

Want that sleek, glossy, silky look to last longer between your hair smoothing treatments? Zerran International introduces RealLisse™ Smoothing/Polishing Balm, a botanically advanced new finishing product that dramatically extends the life of a RealLisse™ Vegan Hair Smoothing treatment when applied regularly. The RealLisse™ Smoothing/Polishing Balm is 100 percent vegan, free of parabens or drying alcohol, and cruelty free.

RealLisse™ Smoothing/Polishing Balm is an effective temporary texture relaxer and smoother that glides onto hair for astonishing gloss, polish and frizz control. Nourishing vegan proteins moisturize, strengthen and enhance all hair textures, from curly to straight, coarse to fine. For exceptional thermal protection and a soft natural finish, simply apply RealLisse™ Smoothing/Polishing Balm to damp hair before drying and flat ironing.

Want to achieve a rich, luxurious glow? Apply anytime to dry hair from roots to ends. The product is naturally scented with pure essential oil of tangerine and pure extract of vanilla bean.

RealLisse Vegan Hair Smoothing Treatment is available in Manhattan at Hair by Bobby, 204 E. 6th, New York, NY 1000.

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<p><strong>About Zerran RealLisse™ Vegan Hair Smoothing System<br />
</strong>Debuting in January 2011 at the ISSE Long Beach tradeshow, Zerran RealLisse™ is a groundbreaking, patent-protected smoothing product formulated without keratin or other animal products. It contains absolutely NO formaldehyde, aldehydes, thioglycolates, sodium hydroxide, guanidine hydroxide, methylene glycol, formol, formalin, ethers, or any other substance that produces formaldehyde gas upon heating with a flatiron. The Zerran RealLisse™ system is a professional, in-salon service that takes about 90 minutes to complete for the average head of hair. The system includes an entire suite of in-salon professional products and aftercare enhancements.</p>			</div><!-- .entry-content -->
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