Don’t Forget The Hair Brushes

You clean your makeup brushes on a regular basis (you do, right?) but have you ever thought about your hair brushes? We found a super easy way to do it with the latest from Olivia Garden’s.

Enter Olivia Garden’s The Brush Cleaner™ and The Comb Cleaner™.

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The Brush Cleaner literally extends the life of your brushes by removing lost and tangled strands and digging deep to get rid of sticky and/or dry hair product residue. Featuring two tools in one, The Brush Cleaner cleans all brush sizes and models, and boasts a handy ergonomic handle that makes cleaning a breeze. Use the large side to rake through brush bristles to remove hair and buildup. The small size cleans thoroughly in specific areas. Repeat using both sides, until brush is clean. Follow us with a quick soak and rinse using warm water and a little shampoo. Allow to air dry. SRP: $14.95.

You can also remove unwanted residue and build-up from any comb with Olivia Garden’s Comb Cleaner. To remove hair, use small rake. To remove residue, insert the comb between the two cleaning rollers. Move the comb back and forth from one end to the other. The rotating bristles sweep away all residue sticking to the comb’s teeth. SRP: $8.25.

Available at Ulta locations nationwide, by visiting or by calling 1-800-922-2301.

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