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After trying many different skincare products on the market and still having difficulty addressing the needs of her clients’ dry and stressed skin, celebrity makeup artist Kendra Richards decided to take matters into her own hands.  Kendra’s company Heir Atelier introduces Ultimate Make Up Prep, a new facial serum specifically designed to wear under makeup.


Heir Atelier Ultimate Make Up Prep is a unique multi-tasking serum designed to be worn under makeup for a radiant and fresh dewy finish without looking oily or greasy.  It contains high quality hydrating and nourishing ingredients including Squalane and Jojoba Oils. Powerful anti-aging peptides stimulate collagen production while antioxidant Vitamins C & E work to protect the skin against environmental damage. Licorice Root brightens the skin and essential oils provide a fresh spa like scent. Suitable for all skin types and paraben free, no additional moisturizer is needed with Heir Atelier Ultimate Make Up Prep.


It was important for Kendra to create a product that penetrates the skin instead of ingredients simply sitting on top of the skin such as primers with silicone. Because primers create a barrier between the skin and makeup they have never been a favorite of hers.  Also important to Kendra was to create a product that not only prepped the skin for makeup but would also benefit the skin over time with use by containing active ingredients. 


Heir Atelier Ultimate Make Up Prep is packaged in an airless pump dispense with a twist-up cap which is ideal for travel. Simply apply 1 or 2 pumps to fingers and gently pat or lightly massage to clean skin to create the perfect canvas for makeup. The serum absorbs quickly for immediate makeup application and a “camera ready” face.


Heir Atelier Ultimate Make Up Prep, $38



Ultimate Make Up Prep



Heir Atelier is available for purchase at www.heiratelier.com.