Lush Revamps Your Do

If your hair is dry, limp, flat or just generally lacks lustre, it could have a lot to do with your scalp. In fact, much of our hair health directly correlates to scalp health, and for years women have been treating the wrong ends. LUSH announced a brand new range of hair care products that will be hitting stores nationwide the end of November with everything from restorative shampoos to mane managing styling products.

Roots Healthy Scalp Cream ($19.95): Fine hair can be finicky, so this treatment is packed full of ingredients to revitalize from root to end.  There’s honey to soften along with some extra virgin olive oil to strengthen and condition the hair.  Menthol stimulates the scalp and encourages hair to grow to its full length, giving the appearance of thicker hair.

Superbalm for Scalps ($19.95): This is exactly as the name suggests, a super soothing balm for serious scalp problems.  When there’s build-up on the scalp that can’t be removed by shampooing or dandruff, you NEED Superbalm. This ointment can be used to soothe eczema, dermatitis and redness.  (Vegan)  I sooo want to try this.

Blousey Shampoo ($29.95): LUSH’s first-ever shampoo specifically for color-treated hair will revitalize, restore, and have hair looking remarkable in no time. Nourishing bananas lock-in moisture and are extremely softening and conditioning. Hair is left feeling incredibly loved and smelling of rose, blackcurrant and juniperberry, with a little thyme and rosemary oils thrown in to repair the scalp. (Vegan)

Big Solid Conditioner ($9.95 for 3.5oz): Inspired by their fantastically popular Big shampoo, this is the complementary solid conditioner. For all hair types, it contains 17% sea salt to help give hair volume and shine, without weighing it down.  There’s also super softening coconut oil to condition the hair and help tame fly aways; candelilla wax and jojoba oil to nourish and add shine. (Vegan)   


Shine So Bright ($9.95): Hate going to the salon just to get rid of split ends? This balm will reduce the appearance of split ends while making the hair shine so bright with Extra Virgin olive oil, fresh free-range eggs and fair trade coconut oil.  


Also, check out thei new company blog at, which is an extension of the communities that already exist on their social media site. With their LUSH Forum, LUSH Times and their LUSH Life newsletter, the blog will tie all of these conversations together, featuring guest contributors from around the business, behind the scenes in shops and in their factories


Here’s a recent blog post that dives a bit deeper into their hair care philosophy:



These products launch on black Friday (11/23) in LUSH stores and