Some New Products We Want To Try

Here are some of the latest beauty items that we found that we have on our radar to try out.



Age Prevention Sheer Facial Tint SPF 45 ($39):  The holiday season is the time of year you wear the most amount of makeup – many don’t realize that you do not need to cake on the foundation as that will only make you look older.  Add glitter and sparkle to eyes but keep it light with Osmotics new BB cream for glowing skin.  



Blue Copper 5 Lip and Tuck ($35): For a quick on-the-go beauty quick fix – plump, perfect and target lip lines with the perfect touch of long-lasting, universal color perfect for any skin tone!





John Frieda® Frizz Ease® Hair Setter by Conair ($49.99): Think making the perfect curl in your hair takes time and energy?  Think again! Your hair will wrap easily easily around the 2” jumbo rollers.  With it’s extreme heat feature to heat up instantly, you will receive perfectly smooth, voluminous waves in a flash!


Enriched with all-natural Epsom salts and sea salts to soothe and condition the skin, Thymes Lotus Santal Bath Salts makes a thoughtful gift for anyone seeking aromatic tranquility. And it’s only $5.00.


BlingWraps from BlingGuard are effective and innovative fashion accessory solutions that keep your rings sitting on top, and stop them from turning, twisting or slipping off your finger. These wraps can add up to 1+ ring sizes and are easy-to-use, transparent and disposable. $14.99 for set of 30.