Bathing Beauty


Kama Sutra, the brand known for their romance products, introduces beautifully packaged and romantic bathing gels and shave creams to take the simple ritual of showering up a notch.  Having these products in the shower just makes the moment feel a bit more glamorous…that is, as glam as shaving your legs and washing up can be.   

Luxury Bathing Gels
 are cleansing, refreshing and silky smooth. Their rich, satiny lathers impart an enticing fragrance and subtle sensation to skin. 


Created from a blend of ten naturally moisturizing vegetable oils and Vitamin E-rich wheat germ. Fragrances include:           

  •      Ocean Blu: Imbued with the fresh scent of the sea
  •        Mint Tree: Cools and tingles with the invigorating scent of fresh mint

$15.99 each

Intimate Caress Shave Cremes are ultra-rich for an ultimate moisturizing shave. Made with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Seed Oil for smooth, sensual skin . Rich, moisturizing and gently scented, it leaves your most sensitive skin silky, smooth. Available in 3 scents:

         Honey Suckle: Delicious honey scented creme for sensual shaving

         Pomegranate: A unique and surprising scent that will enahnce your personal shaving     experience

        Coconut Pineapple: A sensual blend of unique scents and softness for silky smooth shaving

          $12.99 each