Go From Work Day To Holiday Night Quick

image001 (1)Celebrity stylist Thomas Dunkin, whose clients include Rachel McAdams, Michelle Williams and Isla Fisher, reveals his top hair tips for going from day to night depending on hair type and length!


FOR LONG HAIR“Go for fuss-free waves!”


1.)    Wear hair to work in a braided bun and take it out just before the work day is over.

2.)    Loosen it up with fingers to create a soft ‘beachy’ wave.

3.)    Spritz the hair with Sebastian Professional Trilliant($19.95) for a beautiful shine and soft hold.

(NOTE: The tighter the braid, the more wavy it will be.)


FOR CURLY MEDIUM TO LONG HAIR: “Embrace those curls for a fun holiday look.”

1.)    Wear hair curly to work.

2.)    Before leaving the office, apply a small amount of Sebastian Professional Whipped Cream ($19.95) to hair.

3.)    Take small to medium sections of hair and pull them towards the back of the head while twirling them around two fingers. Secure in place with bobby pins.

4.)    Continue this until all of the hair is secured and set with Sebastian Professional Zero Gravity hairspray ($16.95) for a light hold.


FOR FINE HAIR: “Go for an updo with maximum body, using a hair donut or hair pad.”

1.)    Wash and blow dry hair in the morning and wear it down during the day to allow for added texture from daily wear and tear.

2.)    Back comb the hair throughout the head and useSebastian Professional Shaper hairspray ($16.95) to help create the desired shape and volume.

3.)    Place the pad at the crown and secure with bobby pins. Take small sections of hair and wrap the hair around pad, tucking the hair under it and securing it with a hair pin.

4.)    Allow the pieces of hair that fall freely to remain loose. Apply Sebastian Professional Shine Crafter Wax ($15.95) to the hair for added polish.