Holiday Gift Ideas From Bath & Body Works


Bath & Body Works Forever Red Collection

The glimpse of a red sole as she strides past. The glint of a ruby catching the light. The perfect pout, kissed with red lipstick. These are the subtle symbols of a bold new sensuality. These are the empowering expressions of confidence infused into Forever Red: a new era of fragrance from Bath & Body Works. A blend of luxurious, rare, surprising notes handpicked for their modern allure, Forever Red represents an entirely new echelon of perfumery for Bath & Body Works. Incorporating high concentrations of expensive fragrance oils sourced from the French countryside to the Far East and ingredients never used before at Bath & Body Works, the premium fragrance leaves a lingering, unforgettable impression. The expertly blended fragrance piques your curiosity with the luminous sparkle of Fiery Red Pomegranate and Peche de Vigne, a rare French red peach that grows only in August. Soft petals of Red Osmanthus and addictive notes of Velvety Marshmallow give the scent a sensuous texture that lures you in further. Intoxicating notes of vanilla rum, a rare liqueur aged in oak barrels, leave a seductive impression.

The collection includes:  Eau de Parfum ($44.50), Fine Fragrance Mist ($22), Rollerball Fragrance ($12.50), Shimmer Mist ($22), Shower Gel ($18), Body Lotion ($20) and Body Cream ($20).Where to buy: Bath & Body Works and



Bath & Body Works Iconic Eau de Toilettes

Celebrate the season with chic new editions of favorite Signature Collection fragrances like Sweet Pea, Twilight Woods, Paris Amour and Japanese Cherry Blossom. The timeless scents are dressed up for the season in iconic, beautiful new packaging, elevating the cult classics to a new level of luxe for extra giftability.

Price: $34.50

Where to buy: Bath & Body Works and



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